Can Restaurants Deliver Alcohol to Customers at Home?


Can Restaurants Deliver Alcohol to Customers at home? Yes!!    …….. (with certain conditions, of course)


September 20, 2019

Re: Alcohol Delivery to Consumers

Dear Clients and Friends,

As you may be aware, the last Legislative session passed a bill authorizing Mixed Beverage permittees with a Food and Beverage permit to deliver alcohol to its consumers for off premise consumption. Deliveries are authorized effective September 1, 2019.

This opens up a whole new way to serve your customers. MB/RM/BG permittees with a FB permit are now allowed to deliver a sealed bottle of wine, beer or liquor (under 375ml) to the ultimate consumer via a third party or independent contractor holding a Consumer Delivery Permit.

If you need an FB permit or if you want to set up a compliant delivery service that meets all of the criteria and regulations for your location, please let me help.

This is exciting news for most retailers and I am eager to help each owner get a delivery system up and running.


Janet Ivy

The Ivy Law Firm  5706 E. Mockingbird Ln #115-354  Dallas, TX 75206  972-385-8200


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